Sunday, July 1, 2012

warped tour 2012

Yesterday i went to warped tour. one of my best friends, Blake, surprised me with a ticket! he is a lovely human being. my favorite band OF ALL TIME EVER EVER EVER, Yellowcard, played (which was the main purpose of wanting to go). They were beautiful, they were so good, sounded incredible...they were perfect. I had seen them twice before, but yesterday i FINALLY got to actually meet them. I felt like i was going to barf while i waited in line, i had waited for that moment to come for such a long, long time. and it was the best.
so anyways...i had a lovely time. My face is unfortunately extremely burnt (burned?), and i have a lovely sunglasses tan (if that's what you call it). So, i'm not lookin too hot, but it's worth it.

i shot two rolls of film on my little, plastic lomo lc-a+
unfortunately, the shots i took of Yellowcard (which were the most important shots for me) didn't turn out to be fully focused, but they're still viewable. i didn't shoot everyone that i saw, but i still managed to get some bands.

blake spilled lots of liquid/ice from the shaved ice he was eating right on his crotch ;)

LP from Yellowcard giving drum lessons!

Anti-Flag ^

                   i don't know how, but i went from being so far back to up close. it was tough.

New Found Glory ^

hi, i'm a secret ctfxc-er so i fangirled like crazy over seeing Charles Trippy in real life.

i don't know how, but i managed to push myself all the way up to the front for Yellowcard. ah

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  1. I feel like your pictures turned out better than the people who go up front with their fancy ones! It's amazing the things you can capture with a little plastic camera! These are so perf.