Wednesday, November 23, 2011

spiderwebs and paperclips featuring Alfred Hitchcock

i shot with my super lovely, beautiful friend Miranda recently. i never seem to shoot with ladies, i suppose that's the case because i have maybe like 3 girlfriends, so....but i was really excited to shoot with her! there was no plan going into this shoot, i just looked around and realized i had some paperclips and fake spiderweb from halloween that i never used. so i just went with that. and i had three photos left on the roll of film so i shot a few photos in my room. i just got new bedding and curtains and they both are very lovely. also, i made this Alfred Hitchcock cardboard cutout thing; i love it. i just want to paint it black now.
that's all.

Monday, November 14, 2011

little things.

i came home from school today and found myself alone with my cat. it was windy outside and the sun was very subtle (it later came out full force). i spent some time roaming around the house, taking a roll of film. i didn't rush, i didn't over-think anything, i took my time. i had This Will Destroy You playing through the house while i was shooting.

i took photos with my fake cockroaches, i took photos of Princess (my little pumpkin seed), i filled the guest room drawers with some of my favorite things; significant things. some of the things i should let go of, some of the things mean a lot to me, some of the things have inspired me and have made me very mad. but they all have meaning to them.