Friday, March 16, 2012

sxsw / March 15, 2012

I started out my day with my morning class (i don't have a spring break :/ ), then picked up my best friend Biggie. We went out and got some chinese food, then went to the store so i could buy some sunscreen. We made our way to the metro train station where we met up with our old friend, Mat2pac. We unfortunately missed the train that we were going to get on because the line for the tickets was ridiculous and the machines were not working and it was just a big cluster mess. So we had to wait another hour until the next metro. But that went by pretty quickly. So finally, we got on our train and made our way downtown. As we were getting off of the train, i noticed my friend Andrew along with his friend. I ran up to him and they said they were going to the same place as us, so we made our way to the venue together We got there fairly early so we got to be right up front, which worked out beautifully. Little Hurricane played first. I had already seen them play with Manchester Orchestra before. After that was M. Ward- very fun, and beautiful, and lalalala. and then alas, The Shins. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. My whole body was aching like no other at the end of the night, but it was worth it. I had the best day with my friends. It didn't rain, it was nice and breezy and quite sunny. It was a lovely day.

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